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Ferrari F2007 3D Model Project

Left View
Left View Wireframe
Front View
Rear View
Top View
Front Wireframe
Front No Texture
Rear Wireframe
Bottom Right
Top Right
Rear Wheel Close-up
Front Close-Up
Exhaust Zone
Rear Aerodynamics
Front Wheel
Top Air Intake
Pilot's View
Steering Wheel
Five Points Seat Belts

Project Details

The idea came from my desire to create a 3D work that would stress my skills and the experiences I had so far in the field of photo-realistic three-dimensional graphics.
I think a F1 car is a mix between a car and an airplane, with all the difficulties of modeling that these analogies involve.
So I choose a F1, the Ferrari F2007 version, for the amount of artwork and photographs that I've found: for such an object, photographic references are never too many.

For the model, I set myself two objectives:
-cinema quality visual performance
-ability to sustain close-up views while maintaining top photorealism.
In this work, the main source of technical information on the F2007 was the text of Giorgio Piola "Formula 1 - Technical Analysis 2007/2008", Giorgio Nada Editore. I can proudly say that the F2007 in these images has no post processing. The only exceptions are:
-backgrounds in the images of the F2007 in the studio set (blending)
-image inside the cockpit (color correction)

What you see is the result of a long work, carried out in my spare time.
It had a strict rule: make the most of every element and treat every detail without compromise.

Awards and Publications

Magazine "3D ARTIST - ITALY", No.8 - July / August 2015 issue

The 3d model of the Ferrari F2007 shown in these pages has been selected, among many proposals, from the forum of the publishing house Imago Edizioni to be published on their journals.
The project has been published on the number 8 of the international magazine of computer graphics "3D Artist", Italian edition.
The model, hosted in the readers' gallery, had the following comment of the editorial staff: "Great model and materials. The detailed tutorial will be published on Computer Graphics No.93"

Magazine "CGTA - Computer Graphics Techniques and Applications", No.93
- soon to be released -

The 3d model of the Ferrari F2007 shown in these pages will be published in issue 93 of the international journal of computer graphics "CGTA - Computer Graphics Techniques and Applications", italian edition.
The magazine will publish a full article written by me with a detailed tutorial about the realization of this model, where I'll explain some essential techniques used in this 3d work.

Something About Me

A curriculum as designer, a degree in architecture, and a strong passion for computer graphics.
After an internship in a company of visual effects (vfx) working in film industry, I deepen the understanding of 3d computer graphics for the movie business.
With a solid background in digital productions, I'm currently working with:

-3d digital art
-3d modeling for videogames
-pre-visualization and architectural renderings
-video production
-post-production and visual effects (vfx)
-website design
-graphic advertising (logos, brochures, panels design, and so on)

For any information or collaboration proposal please contact me at:

Mario Cordova